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Orthodontic treatment - straightening your teeth 

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Orthodontic treatment


Thank you for looking into orthodontic treatment at Brundholme Dental Practice. This information leaflet is designed to give you an idea of the type of orthodontic treatment we offer as well as treatment costs and timings for appointments.


The type of fixed bracket treatment we offer here is using the ‘Damon’ system, using Damon Q brackets (the bracket is the part placed on the front of the tooth to hold the wire in place). The Damon system uses a different type of bracket than traditional braces offered on the NHS, which holds the wire in place without the need for the coloured elastic bands surrounding the bracket and wire. This means the wire can move more easily in the bracket and creates less tension and friction.


Damon orthodontic treatment is generally quicker than conventional treatment and requires less visits, usually managing treatment without the need of extractions of healthy teeth. The treatment helps correct the shape of the whole mouth, rather than just straightening the teeth.


If you would like to have a quick, no obligation chat about whether Damon orthodontic treatment is a suitable option for you, please contact us – this is free, and helps determine what treatments you would like, and whether we can help you with this. After this, we would arrange for a more detailed consultation to take moulds of your teeth, take pictures of your face and teeth, and complete a detailed examination. This information allows us to create a thorough treatment plan with all options for you. We will at this point refer you for clinical x-rays to be taken (provided you have had none taken recently) at a choice of hospitals. There is a charge for this appointment which is detailed in the table below.


After this appointment, no further appointments will be booked until we have compiled a treatment plan (or more than one if there are several options for you). We will be in touch to make your next appointment approximately 6-week after all the information has been received i.e. x-rays from the hospital and study models from the laboratory. The appointment will be to discuss the plan(s) and all your options, which will take approximately 20 minutes.


If you wish to go ahead with the treatment, we may need to take another impression, which is used to help make the orthodontic appliance.


At this stage we can arrange an appointment to fit your brace. The time of this appointment depends on what type of appliance you will be having.


The whole process above, from your initial consultation appointment to you having the appliance fitted will take approximately 6 months, possibly less dependant on the time taken for the study models, x-rays and appliance being returned to us.


Private Orthodontic fees




New patient consultation, including any necessary study models, radiographs and photographs (if you proceed with the treatment the consultation fee is deducted from the cost of treatment).

Fixed braces - £150

Aligners - £250

Full upper and lower treatment with traditional metal fixed braces

From £3000

Full upper and lower treatment with traditional metal fixed braces UNDER 18

From £2500

Full upper and lower treatment with cosmetic ceramic fixed braces

From £3500

Upper OR lower treatment with traditional metal fixed braces

From £2400

Upper OR low treatment with cosmetic ceramic fixed braces

From £2800

Upper or lower anterior treatment with traditional metal fixed braces

From £1500

Upper or lower anterior treatment with cosmetic ceramic fixed braces

From £1900

Lower anterior Lingual treatment with traditional metal braces

From £2000

Aligner treatment

From £999 to £4000

Single upper OR lower replacement fixed or removable retainer


Upper and lower replacement fixed or removable retainers


Repair to a fixed retainer































Please note all retainers placed by us after treatment are guaranteed for breakages to the appliance for 1 year. Any replacements for lost appliances or repairs after this time are subject to the above charges.


We would at this point inform you that Charlotte Hill is a General Dentist, with an interest and further training in orthodontics. Should you wish to be referred to a specialist orthodontist, we would be more than happy to refer you.